This component enables you to easily change your base URI across your codebase. This can be useful in cases where the URI might change depending on the environment (for example: development and production).

    string $baseUri = ""

Centum\Url\Url implements Centum\Interfaces\Url\UrlInterface.

Centum\Url\Url has 2 public methods:

  • public function getBaseUri(): string
  • public function get(string $uri = "", array $arguments = []): string

Centum\Url\Url takes care of trailing/leading slashes:

use Centum\Url\Url;

$baseUri = "https://example.com";

$url = new Url($baseUri);

// https://example.com/path/to/something
echo $url->get("path/to/something");

// https://example.com/path/to/something
echo $url->get("/path/to/something");

You can also specify URL arguments. They are automatically sanitised and encoded by http_build_query():

// https://example.com/search?query=hello+world&page=123
echo $url->get(
        "query" => "hello world",
        "page"  => 123,

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