string $uri,
    Centum\Http\Method $method = Centum\Http\Method::GET,
    Centum\Interfaces\Http\DataInterface $data = null,
    Centum\Interfaces\Http\HeadersInterface $headers = null,
    Centum\Interfaces\Http\CookiesInterface $cookies = null,
    Centum\Interfaces\Http\FilesInterface $files = null,
    string $content = null

Centum\Http\Request implements Centum\Interfaces\Http\RequestInterface.

Request Factory

You can obtain a Request object made with global variables using the RequestFactory:

use Centum\Http\RequestFactory;

$requestFactory = new RequestFactory();

$request = $requestFactory->createFromGlobals();

Due to constraints with HTML forms (which only create GET or POST requests), the Request Factory allows the method to be overwritten using a POST field of "_method".